I am a recovering addict

I felt worthless

I felt hopeless

I felt useless

I felt alone

I was filled with so much anger and pain

I felt there was no point in me living in this world

They wouldn’t even notice if I had left

So many questions

I thought, but never asked

I would only ask God and myself

Why me?

I had resorted to taking prescribed and over the counter medication

Day in and day out

It helped with sleeping the pain away

Or at least until the next day

Then the cycle repeated itself

I had masked my addiction

My depression

People did not notice

I mean I practically smiled every day as I died internally each day

My life was

Wake up

Go to work

Come home

Take a pill

Go back to sleep

Wake up


I was fully functioning through my addiction

I ran from the pain

Or at least thought I did…


I DO NOT abuse (nor yearn to abuse) prescribed or over thecounter medication

I have every reason to live now

I love who I have become and am becoming

I have a beautiful and amazingly supportive family

I know that I matter

I know that I make a difference

So if I even think of abusing medication

I think of those things because I am pretty much throwing them all in the garbage to never return



Are you a recovering addict?

Any tips for a recovering addict?

Would you like assistance with becoming a recovering addict?

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