I faced one of my biggest fears last year

I confronted the person that

Violated my innocence

Betrayed my trust

Made me feel dirty

I had decided to write a letter

That letter was filled with decades of cries

A letter of “Why Me’

A letter of “How did I deserve this”

Their response to my letter was

“I know

I’m sorry and I was going to reach out to you about that”

I was more annoyed than anything

But then I realized

That letter was for me

To free myself…

For not feeling good enough

For thinking I did something to deserve such heinous violation

I took my power back that day

I don’t even think I shed a tear

Because I never expected more from the “predator”

I smile as I close this

I am free


I faced my fears

I stood tall and strong

I conquered that ugly beast

The one I allowed to live in my mind, body, and soul

I took my power back

Loved on myself

And Loved on myself A LOT more



Have you ever been violated?

Have you confronted your “predator”?

What did/would you say to them?

Would you like assistance with confronting your “predator”?

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