Releasing this is terrifying

I grew up in a culture where

You can’t let people know your struggles

You have to be “better than them”

So of course

I am afraid to pull back the mask

The façade

And allow the ENTIRE world to see

My vulnerabilities

My weaknesses

My pain

But if one is able to learn

From my experiences


So be it



2 thoughts on “#ScaredAsSh!t

  1. You sharing about your past encourages me to share about my present. I am a kleptomaniac and no I will not look up the correct spelling lol. Seriously though, it is a struggle in certain stores. I shop online a lot or I just give myself a small time frame to get in and out with something to do immediately after and a list. It’s hard being imperfect because this world judges and some of us it judges harder than others.


    1. Thank you for trusting this space. Thank you for having the courage to share such an intimate secret. This is a no judgement zone. Pat yourself on the back for acknowledging an area of improvement. This is more than half of the battle as we are often unable to see beyond our ego. You should also be proud of the coping mechanisms you have in place. We are all human and should be treated as such. Sending unconditional love and support your way ✨


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