Today marks the two-year anniversary of my mother’s death

A year ago I was really sad

I had a lot of unanswered questions

I was filled with mixed emotions

Many nights of crying

Feeling lost and confused

I even felt angry at times

We always had a strained relationship

This was the result of

Neither one of us knowing how to love

A generational curse

We all see too often

We do the best with what we have

What we know at the time

I am not sad today

I am overjoyed

I owe the woman I am today

To my mother

That “tough love” taught me

How to be self-sufficient

How strive high in life

To never give up

She taught me how to forgive

Myself and others

She allows me to feel

The motherly bond that I always yearned for

She allows me to feel the presence

Of a guardian angel

So I will not mourn her passing today

I will celebrate

Her life and legacy

I will continue to make her proud




  1. How is it that we are and have gone through the same thing with the same emotions. It will be 2 years on March 11th, that I lost my mother; our relationship was great, but different from the normal mother daughter. I pray that you are doing well today and that the 7th don’t bring back anything negative, but all amazing memories of her smile, voice, touch and smell. #stayup

    1. Sending comfort and healing energy your way🌈. May you embrace the memories you shared together👩‍👧. Cry tears of joy as you do something you love today💙. It will make your day so much better✨

      P.S. it’s okay to not be strong all the time 😉

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