The idea came about to start a blog

Not sure if it was my wife’s idea

Or mine

Probably hers

I registered for a blog site on 01/16

I was kind of geeked

Because I’ve never created a website

I was playing around with a few themes on the blog site

I even played around with topics

If you know me

You know I always gotta extra extra do something

So a few days later (1/21) I decided to

Upgrade my blog package

I “claimed” I was going to customize my site

To justify my purchase

I continued to post entries despite the lack of direction

I am passionate to make a difference

I believe my messages are to be shared

Beyond my circle

Therefore, I made the ultimate decision to

Release my blog to the “public” on 2/4

The release date was the day of the new moon

A great opportunity to plant seeds

I’m sure many people wondered

And others formed opinions

I couldn’t let that derail me

From my vision and path

I had to keep going

Moving forward

I am beyond grateful for the love

From a handful or two of people

Some were words of encouragement

Through a conversation or a letter

Others were through exposing their vulnerabilities

To respond to my postings

And to ultimately support the vision




  1. Tell your wife we said thank you! Through your personal ambition and love for growth we’re all able to connect to ourselves through your words and emotion.

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