The idea came about to start a blog

Not sure if it was my wife’s idea

Or mine

Probably hers

I registered for a blog site on 01/16

I was kind of geeked

Because I’ve never created a website

I was playing around with a few themes on the blog site

I even played around with topics

If you know me

You know I always gotta extra extra do something

So a few days later (1/21) I decided to

Upgrade my blog package

I “claimed” I was going to customize my site

To justify my purchase

I continued to post entries despite the lack of direction

I am passionate to make a difference

I believe my messages are to be shared

Beyond my circle

Therefore, I made the ultimate decision to

Release my blog to the “public” on 2/4

The release date was the day of the new moon

A great opportunity to plant seeds

I’m sure many people wondered

And others formed opinions

I couldn’t let that derail me

From my vision and path

I had to keep going

Moving forward

I am beyond grateful for the love

From a handful or two of people

Some were words of encouragement

Through a conversation or a letter

Others were through exposing their vulnerabilities

To respond to my postings

And to ultimately support the vision



3 thoughts on “#ThisProject

  1. Tell your wife we said thank you! Through your personal ambition and love for growth we’re all able to connect to ourselves through your words and emotion.


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