This healing thing is a bitch! More pain after you feel that you’ve healed so many scars. The minute I get an ounce of happiness- I am faced with more realities. Many that I don’t want to accept. I’ll just say I can’t wait until our dreams are our reality. The one we both desire. The one we worked so hard for. The reason for all of our pains- separate and together. I long for the days… we smile at each other and say it was sooo worth it. But for now- I have to deal with “this” reality. The trials and tribulations for the reality with our names on it. I will take this thing called life day by day. This shit hurts me to my core though. I’ll just continue to push through it. I will take breaks as needed; hopefully more often because it makes all the difference. It’s important we take time out for ourselves to decompress. Otherwise, we are just ticking away waiting to explode. Explode on the people, places, and things that actually matter in our lives. Our families- not our jobs. Family doesn’t have to be blood. Any other is just was well- hell… even better. Take time to care for yourself. To process our days, weeks, months, and years. You can’t run forever. Take it from me. I am learning ❤️

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