I asked my wife to suggest a topic for my blog. She said “women’s empowerment” and provided an explanation. I couldn’t help but to agree with her point of view. Women are the “underdog” no matter how you look at it. We have to extra extra try just to be mediocre. Then, we have to compete with our male counterparts and just “accept” being valued less- this is because “that’s the way it’s been”.

We have to stop being afraid to share our gifts with one another. Why do we fear our friends might be jealous? Why do we fear our friends might not care? What is the root cause of the triggers? We must work through the issues before moving forward. Women have the ability to build empires on their own – Mother Earth😉. Imagine what we can build when we collaborate dopeness with dopeness…

But first, we must acknowledge that we possess something valuable within ourselves. Then, we must understand we manifest our outer based on our inner. For example. If I feel poorly about myself- I will attract those who treat me poorly. If I treat myself with love – I will attract those who love and value me. Next, we must encourage ourselves to develop a spirit of networking. This is the healthy act of exchanging thoughts and ideas. But why do we fear “networking”? Let’s go back and work through the triggers. The final step is to expand.

Expand this framework to others to learn and implement. This is how we change the world- and it starts with us… because the men just follow behind us anyway😉

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