I am really enjoying our vacation. We ate breakfast and sat out on the beach for quite some time. Then we headed to Ben & Jerry’s for a 10am treat. I try not to eat a lot of ice cream as I normally only get a scoop or two.

But this time was different. I thought- I am on vacation. I am enjoying myself and my company. I am deserving of something different. I requested a banana split as my morning treat. I was overwhelmed with joy on the inside as I didn’t know I could pick any three flavors.

I remember a feeling of bliss in that moment. A feeling of more than enough- capturing a simple, but beautiful gesture. I debated internally if I wanted to ask for a cherry. I muscled up the strength because again- I am more than deserving. Unfortunately, they didn’t have them… that wasn’t an issue for me.

I am just glad I stood up for myself and asked for what I deserve❤️✨

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