To be good to another if we aren’t good to ourselves. We can fake it, but it’s really impossible🤷🏽‍♀️.

When we really think about unconditional love- how can we give it if we don’t know what it is? If we constantly think we are undeserving of an amazing life. If we can’t seem to shake off our childhood trauma.

That unconditional love is the blessing that comes along with healing. A blessing beautifully wrapped with a gold bow. Those blessings come in our darkest hours…coldest nights…lonely spells…deepest heartbreak.

We just have to switch our perspective and ask ourselves “what can I learn from this situation which will better assist me in the future” (put your own spin on it😎). Then, we begin to replace the “bad” with an opportunity to learn something- Win-Win situation 🎖. Therefore, you are able to develop healthier responses to people, places, and things.

This goes back to unconditional love. We must heal and value ourselves before we can value another. Otherwise, we will continue to tear one another down. (Take it from me- that should never be the route to go. Lessons learned 😩).

I am glowing thinking about the beauty in unconditional love- especially of self. To know you aren’t who they said you were… To know it wasn’t your fault… To know you deserve the best… I could go on and on, but I won’t 😉.

The next best thing to self love is the love for your partner in LIFE. To value them in every way imaginable despite flaws (areas for growth) and all… On their worst day😵 Lol. But yeah- that’s me… I’m THERE❤️✨

Love is LOVE💖💫

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