Yesterday a butterfly flew in front of my face. I was in awe at its beauty, but moved on to the next thing shortly after. It wasn’t until I was surfing the net on my phone to see a butterfly on the webpage. How ironic- I thought.

I immediately remembered the beautiful sighting of the butterfly. I quickly searched for the symbolism of the butterfly. How could I ignore what I had just read? Butterflies symbolize transformation. The transition is hard and very often ugly. But when those beautiful wings show after the storms… My oh my!!! We look back and say- “I understand I needed this experience and I learned…”.

Timing could not have been more perfect as my solar return is “unofficially” tomorrow. Lol. I can remember the exact place I was a year ago (tomorrow). It wasn’t a happy place. I smiled through it, but it definitely isn’t a place I wish to revisit.

So much has changed in the past 365ish days. Like… BIG LIFE changes… I have broken cycles… generational curses…killed many of my inner demons… I have faced many of the unimaginable in the last year, but I’ve handled it all with grace and a smile. I strive to become a better me while helping others in the process.

I am grateful for the experiences that 34 has shown (is showing) me. I look forward to a beautiful and bright future 🌈✨

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