Where do you live? What do you like most about the town? Would you recommend the town to your loved ones? Why or why not?


  1. I live at an island that is at the East Coast of Africa, you may have heard of it, Mombasa. It is right at the south east border line of Kenya. What I like most about the city is the beaches, there are far too many, the resorts, cottages and whatnot. So beautiful. The waves here aren’t that friendly but otherwise, I see myself as being a surfer at some point in my life, soon. Life here is all about sunny beaches, swimming, relaxing at the beach.
    Other than that, the wildlife here is enormous, the country hosts the so called big five at different cities including one that is near Mombasa. The big five as in, Lions, Elephants, Leopard, Buffaloes and Rhino. Also there is actually a place where you have your breakfast and see Giraffes peaking through the windows joining in. Wildlife, nature, and the beaches, love this city and the country for it. – Cezane

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