Do we really need closure? Or do we just like our egos stroked? Or… are we afraid of looking like the “bad guy”? I’ve struggled with these viewpoints for quite some time. I always felt a need to have closure- even if it was not warranted. What does closure allow us to do after the fact? Anything that we would have missed had we not close out the circumstance?

To me- everything lies in your intentions and actions. Do you intend (and take action) to incorporate improvements for your highest good? Are you considerate of how you make others feel? Do you hold yourself accountable for your actions (be it good or bad)?

If you can honestly answer these questions with yes- you’ve already created the space for closure. Closure does not have to be a physical thing. Us humans have the tendency to over complicate things.

We would like for closure to be a reciprocated process, but that may not always be the case. We can’t get stuck in if it is (or is not). We have to be strong in valuing ourselves, learning lessons, and moving forward 🌈


  1. Great post and I agree 100%! I think in order for closure to have a distinct purpose, you have to have positive intentions for seeking it. If seeking closure will allow you to truly self-evaluate and reflect on how to be a better person, then it is an important aspect of any relationship that has ended. Otherwise, you’re correct in saying it just seems like you want your ego stroked.

    1. Agreed- and positive intentions for closure must exclude the ego (in many cases). Honestly, the ego is probably the reason for the circumstance 😔. Either way- lessons must be learned along the way. I appreciate the feedback!

  2. This post reached down to my heart as it made me reflect upon a very special person who once came into my life and left. An emotional yet beautiful read that pulled out a special memory. Loved it. – Cezane

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