I produced my very first song over the weekend- from start to finish. The entire project is my work with the exception of the beat. The vocals- me… the lyrics… me… the story… ME.

Never would I have imagined I would produce my own work. Let alone- the courage to manifest what’s in my heart and head. What I’ve held in for 35 years. What has haunted me since I can remember- so much that I began to block it out.

I’ve written lyrics before, but nothing like that. It was always about silly stuff, but this time was different… it just came to me… it all flowed… effortlessly… as if every single event in my life lead to my song.

The song is entitled “Heartbreak & Repair-4:44”. The song speaks of a little girl who tried so hard to make her mark on the world, but never really could. The song speaks about how the girl used the trauma to empower herself (and hopefully others). It discusses the excruciating, but liberating process of healing.

The track requires many edits as this is my first song ever 😎. That will come along with time and experience. I am actually looking forward to that part- and exploring the process of producing a track- hopefully an album.

Some may think- you’re too old to make an album… but whatever. Lol. There’s no cap on following your dreams. Learning and doing what you love. The days to “fit in” are long gone. I now have the opportunity to do exactly what my heart desires.

I never really explored my creative side as it was pretty much school & work all my life. I grew up with the notion there was no time to “have fun” and “live” as I needed to “survive”. No longer is this the case. I embrace all the universe has in store for me 😊

2 thoughts on “#AnotherDreamCameTrue

  1. Absolutely, age, race, wealth and all that, none of them holds the power to define the extent of how we will turn our dreams into reality, only desire, determination, passion, dedication does, how much work we put into our art. The days of fitting in are long gone, it is time to stand out. Keep going dear, we get better at doing what we love when we do it repeatedly.

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