I recently kicked a bad habit- thumb sucking. It’s pretty embarrassing, but it’s REAL. I remember sucking my thumb as a little girl. My mom even sucked hers.

I believe it was a security net for me. I felt safe whenever I sucked my thumb. Normally, at night… sometimes during the day with no one around. I was told the reason I started sucking my thumb is because I never really liked/used a pacifier.

I’ve tried to kick the habit throughout my life with no success, until….

Something clicked not too long ago. I remember the day I said “I am going to stop sucking my thumb”. I knew it would be hard, but I was up for the challenge.

I asked myself- why did I start? My answer: it was the only thing that made me feel safe. Next, I had to acknowledge I am currently in a “safe zone”. My past is my past, but it does not define me. There’s no need to suck my thumb if I feel “safe”.

That was literally it…

It has been weeks since I’ve sucked my thumb at night. I may occasionally put in in my mouth a few times a week (if even). I’ve noticed I do it out of boredom too. I immediately remove my thumb because I am SAFE.

Kicking life-long habits are extremely difficult. Identifying there is an issue is half of the battle. One must then identify the source and expected outcome. That’s when the real “magic” happens. You will be tried over and over again. You may even slip up.

Just remember- you can take back the control. It also helps to have a support system to stand by your side-when times get hard. Whatever you do- just keep moving forward 😉

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