I experienced a release of emotions as I cried this morning. I try to limit the tears from falling, but couldn’t hold back today. I was listening to William Murphy’s “It’s Working”.

I began to think about my journey thus far. I’ve overcome so much in my lifetime and understand there’s more to come. The beauty is I still have a heart of gold ✨ Despite all that I’ve been through and put others through.

I still see a reason to be kind and hopeful- especially to those who do and don’t need it. Deep down people may yearn for someone to care for them, but they let pride (among other things) get in the way. I am guilty of this myself from time to time.

Spread joy and love wherever you go. Lend a smile and helping hand. Offer support just because. It will all come back to you tenfold in ways you can’t imagine (the kind of blessings you can’t buy in a store).

Trust & Believe💫

Comment “ready” if it’s your time to reap too🌱

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