Today would have been my mother’s 62nd birthday. She transitioned two years ago. I have celebrated her a bit differently these past two years. The first year did not really count as I was still processing her passing just a few months prior.

Last year, I enjoyed solitude with my emotions. That’s pretty big for me 😂😂😂I also indulged in her favorite meal😋 This year, not so much solitude, but it is by choice 😀. I am more in tune with my emotions and how the universe works. It is a fact that I am unable to physically see my mother in the 3D (physics world). However, I feel my mother’s presence with me quite often.

Some signs are obvious such as seeing something that instantly reminds me of her… Or hearing her favorite song. Other signs are more subtle- such as a chill over me from nowhere… like right now 💖. My mother is ALWAYS with me… watching me… guiding me… protecting me from harm… more than she ever did in the physical plane.

That’s the beauty in growth✨ My mother’s passing was very difficult for me because we ALWAYS had a rocky relationship…from day one. Let’s just say we never shared that mother/daughter bond. I now accept this as I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from my experiences.

I learned how to “figure it out” at an early age. I learned to not take the easy route out because I didn’t have any other options. I’ve also learned that hurt people hurt people. My mother faced her fair share of trauma- and simply passed it down to me. This alone leads to a million and one more lessons- to un-learn what I was told and thought. The projection… the lies… and much more. To break these generational curses…This all is far from easy, but I’m here… to do the work. There’s no turning back. The awesome part is my mother is by my side every single day- as I heal… As I strive to be a better version of me💖

I will celebrate my mother while remembering the good times- then and now. I have forgiven my mother. That’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life. There was so much resentment there… for the longest. I realized it only held me back. My mother is with me and guides me through life daily. She is my strength when I want to give up. I feel her telling me “giving up” is not an option. Therefore, I keep on pushing 😎

I will continue to make my mother proud ✨


  1. Happiest birthday to you mother! And this is such a beautiful way of remembering someone, not crying over it, instead enjoying and smiling at the sweet memories! Loads of love and wishes to you and your dear ones❤️

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