Why do we live for every thing and one, but OURSELVES. Let’s think about it… We live for our parents because that’s all we know the first few years of our life. Often, our parents have a tendency to use their children as a second chance at life. For example, little Johnny has proven he has amazing artistic capabilities while in high school.

He expresses to his parents that he would like to pursue this passion for art. However, his father, Bill, explains to Johnny that he WILL NOT make a “solid living” off of a creative arts career path.

This alone shatters Johnny’s self-esteem and teaches him WHAT HE WANTS DOES NOT MATTER. Furthermore, Bill tells Johnny he should consider basketball as all the “bells and whistles” come along with an athletic career path. Truth is- this is a LIE. Basketball was Bill’s dream. In fact, Bill was injured his senior year after accepting a full-academic scholarship to one of the most prestigious colleges in the nation. Bill seized the opportunity to re-live his dream through his son.

We continue to base our life on our parent’s dreams and expectation. Then, we allow the pressures of society to tell us who and what we are. Remember that magazine you drooled over and said to yourself, “I wish I could be beautiful like her”… Or that cut bodybuilder on tv and you said… “If I could just have his muscles”… We never take the time to think what that person really looks and feels like when they take their “mask” off. I’m pretty sure their life is not all fairies and butterflies. We just simply learn how to become -“master maskers”.

It is time we understand we are beautiful and unique in our own way. We have gifts and deserve to share them with the world. The world would be a much better place if we were authentic with ourselves -instead of worry about what the next person thinks. We also all have areas which could use improvement(s). This goes back to being authentic to ourselves and networking with the RIGHT people, places, and things… Not the wrong, in which someone else told us to do. This is not an overnight process, but acknowledging there is work to be done is a great START! I will leave you with this as the “take away” courtesy of my wife’s playlist:

I do not own rights to the materials in this post.

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