I have sighted more than 10 monarch butterflies within the past couple of days- plenty more in the past month. It is a repeat occurrence at this point. I can’t deny that my guides and angels are near- with messages.

Another repeat occurrence is the number “777”. Yesterday, I was behind a vehicle with “777” in their license plate. I entered the barcode for a 2nd Chance lottery ticket this morning. Guess what numbers I saw- “777”. Then, I was running an errand this morning- taking my normal route… I happened to read a sign with the phone number ending in… yup- you guessed it “777”.

I am really big on synchronicities and always intrigued to know the meaning behind them. I believe our guides provide subtle messages- if we quiet down and “tune in”… we will be lead through the message.

I am currently at a crossroad… Do I pick what I am comfortable with and “settle”? Or do I step outside of my comfort zone to soon experience the unimaginable🌈?!? How do I accomplish stepping outside of my comfort zone?!? What if it doesn’t work? But what if it DOES work?!? What if I fail? Is failing EVEN an option?!? Lol. The questions I repeatedly ask myself.

I know what I want to do. I know what my soul is pushing me to do. The synchronicities are confirming my soul’s desires. Then, my current reality and comfortability smacks me dead in the face. The challenge is overcoming the ego vs soul battle. Stay tuned ✨

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