Why is the proposal question- “Will You Marry Me”? What does “will you marry me” really mean? I will (or not) agree to a legal binding to you until death do us part?!? Does that even make sense in today’s world- especially with societal pressures. As people- we are ALL human. This means we are subjected to dishonesty, abuse, abandonment, and many other acts that “go against” saying “I do”.

I believe the proposal question should change to “Will You Stand By Me”. This seems to be more fitting. At the end of the day- we all just want someone to stand by us. Through the good and the bad. To help us navigate through this journey of life. To give us a reason and encourage us to do our very best. To co-create memorable moments.

Proposals should be reciprocal in the fact the other party should also agree to terms upon accepting a proposal… but that’s another topic- another day- LOL. Here’s the perfect song to REDEFINE marriage proposals 🙂

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to the materials in this post.

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