Truth is…Forgiveness is hard for me ๐Ÿ˜” Not in the sense that I can’t move forward, but in a sense that I feel the need to protect myself. Protect myself from future harm. My coping mechanism is to not associate with the person because it prevents me from being vulnerable. I have realized acting in this manner is very healthy- for me and the other party.

I am really working on TRUE forgiveness. The kind of forgiveness where I am not afraid to be vulnerable. The kind of forgiveness where I do not hold the other person hostage to their actions. The kind of forgiveness where I have compassion for the other person. The kind of forgiveness when I see beyond my own pain- and acknowledge THEIR pain.

This is not easy, but nor is the weight I carry with me based on un-forgiveness. I am only bringing harm to myself- and blocking my OWN blessings. Plus, the person may (or may not) feel remorse for their actions. Either way- it’s not my problem to decide. However, it is my duty to forgive. Especially considering I have been forgiven for ALL of my sins.

This is not an overnight process, but it IS a process that I must undergo. I am ready to heal this part of me… and move forward as I am destined to do. Just sharing what’s in my mind & heart. Thanks for taking the time to read ๐Ÿ’–

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