I went for a morning walk today as an attempt to clear my head. A lot of things in my head and on my heart. I’ve been reminiscing a lot lately. I am not who I used to be.

I am growing daily- although I feel so stagnant at times. Things that used to make me smile no longer do it. While I smile at things I never thought I would 😀. I am able to live without those whom I never imagined I would live without. While I find interest in people and things I always thought “NEVER” about. I am amazed by the power of the universe.

I found something beautiful crossing my path during my walk.

If you know me- you know I looked up the spiritual meaning of the tortoise The tortoise represents patience, longevity, and protection. I immediately thought of the tortoise and the hare upon seeing the tortoise . First, let me tell you turtles are not as slow as we think. I actually had to POWER walk to catch it walking across the street. It was so close to getting away from me as it landed in the grass😂😂.

Anyway, I can definitely take a lesson from the tortoise with patience. I always want to rush things and get to my end goal. However, I need to embrace the “in between” of my journey. I could miss out on many wonderful opportunities if I rush through life. I need to trust in divine timing as the universe knows what is best for me ✨ It is important to use life’s collection of experiences to bring about wisdom. We need to appreciate the wisdom and share with others as it leads to longevity💖

Another lesson I took from the tortoise is it’s ability to protect. The tortoise uses its external hard shell to protect himself against harm. This translates to us protecting ourselves… who and what we love. For me, this means discernment over what I invest my energy into. I have released much of what no longer serves me. However, I still have work to do. There are many thoughts, beliefs, and patterns which need to be released. Coming across the tortoise reminded me to protect myself from self-sabotage and toxicity from others. Again, this is all a work in progress.

I also had a “mishap” with a butterfly- as if the tortoise wasn’t enough ✨. I happened to walk into the butterfly. The butterfly is symbolic for change and transformation. I can’t help but to be in awe by the metamorphosis from the caterpillar to the butterfly. I smile at the thought of the beautiful butterfly starting as a tiny wilted creature. It gives me hope that my trials and tribulations are for a greater purpose. I am able to become re-born into the next phase of ME. I will repeatedly undergo this process and learn to embrace the good with the bad💖 That pretty much sums up my morning walk 🌈.

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