A beautiful green hummingbird greeted me right before I opened the door to go outside. It made my ENTIRE day. I was in awe by its beauty that I couldn’t capture the moment😞. It looked similar to this:



    ♡ ‘Your Fault!!!’

    The Blame Game goes Something Like This
    She: “You ARE a NARCISSIST!!!”
    Me: “Maybe I AM; I AM Certainly a Mirror Miss.”

    …External/Internal Protection, CHOICE!!! then We RISE!!! or FALL!!! where ARE!!! You; here, there or nowhere 🤔 ?


    ♡ There is NEVER!!! a ‘Wasted Moment’ EveryOne, Every Moment is “Productive”; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Every CHOICE!!! and DECISION!!! is RIGHT!!! 🤓


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