Being still is one of the hardest things for me to do-figuratively and literally. It seems that I always have to have something “to do”… to engage in… to analyze… and ESPECIALLY to think.

How does one become present with a million and one thoughts?!? Even if I am physically quiet, my mind is screaming thoughts at an unusually rapid pace. I even find myself struggling when I have alone time. There are so many distractions such as music and YouTube. Even when I go outside in nature and admire it’s beauty. The thoughts continue to race… I ask for guidance to overcome this hurdle 🙏. This too shall pass…

Do you share similar experiences? What works for you?

4 thoughts on “#BeStill

  1. This is something I work on with meditation. A misconception with meditating is that we need to stop thinking. But we can no more stop thinking than we would stop our heart beating. So the challenge is to narrow the focus. Can I focus on just the sounds I’m hearing for 5 minutes and let the rest blow away? The busy mind tries to return. I see the thoughts and let them float on down the stream and refocus on the song of birds and chatter of insects. Over and over I pull my focus back to simple. Back to only this present moment. I’ve found that when my mind is unusually busy it can also help to read, watch a movie, or meditate with a specific image that I hold in my mind.

    Holding an image is active. So I’m not slowing the mind so much as giving it a different direction to travel… as in, “where does the picture take me?” What do the colors mean and what is the picture’s story.

    I hope this helps 😊 Its something I work on a lot.

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    1. I like you idea of “keeping it simple” in terms on my focus. I often get discouraged and judge myself for the racing thoughts- instead of allowing them to “pass through”. Thank you for the tip as I will try to focus on things in the present moment. Five minutes seems like eternity 🤣🤣😩, but I get your point. I will start off small and work my way up. Thanks soo much for the wonderful tips- very well needed & appreciated 😉

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  2. You’re so welcome. Your post just represents to me so much of what I’ve worked on and still work on. 5 minutes was how I started. And I couldn’t do it until I tried focusing on an image. That seemed to do the trick! I know you’ll find that key that works for you as well 😊. And, 5 minutes really did seem like an eternity 🤣 I can so relate.

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