Today marks the start of a new era in my life. Yesterday ended a five year cycle. I recently posted a summary of much that has transpired in my life these past five years. It was difficult to come to the conclusion that the end was near. I pondered over it for months, but always seemed to “choke” when it was time to “walk the walk”.

I’ve gained a new perspective on life- and MY life to be more specific. I realized the things I placed value on held no real value. I realized the opinions of “outsiders” held no real value. I had to distance myself from things and people within my “comfort zone”.

I had to get uncomfortable and call myself out on my own shit. That’s a HARD pill to swallow, but I did- and I still continue to. The real healing takes place when we are real with ourselves- regardless of how much we may dislike it. We are able to implement changes to align us with our true self in this stage.

This emotionally intense blessing allowed me to remove many masks (still a work in progress). I have gained a better understanding of the cause and effect in my life- dating back to my childhood. I’ve learned how various people served as a catalyst for change in my life. Unfortunately, many were identified “after the fact”, but better late than never. I can appreciate those people for playing their roles- regardless of the pain I experienced. This alone is true growth- to remove judgement from situations and hold myself accountable.

My main point in all of this is we must get to the core of our being if we truly want change. We have to go through the darkest parts that we try so hard to avoid. We must stop “blaming” everything and everyone WITHOUT taking a deep analysis of ourselves. We must surrender to outdated programming of society, our ancestors, and our former selves. We must build the courage to close chapters that “feel” and “look” good without providing substance to/for us. We must bravely look the “unknown” in the face and say I AM READY! This is where LIVING life BEGINS.

Today marks the start of a new era in my life✨

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