The “in between” can be so tricky

It’s that space where

You are not where you were

But also not where you’re going

You look back

And see how far you’ve come

You see all that you’ve changed

All that you’ve released

All that you’ve gained

All that you’ve embraced

All that you’ve created

When you never imagined

You’d accomplish so much

So why the sense of “failure”

I guess it’s all a part of life

Maybe because I know

There’s so much more potential inside of me

Potential to be greater

To be smarter

To be kinder

To be happy

To be true to me

To be proud

To be purposeful

To be all that my heart and soul desires

My vision

Until then

The “in between” can be so tricky

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    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    So, You Are Scared of Being Dead Holding On to ALL that STUFF!!! that You Can’t Take with You when You Die; hmmm, interesting, SOMB (Rhymes with WOMB and is Soul, Observer, Mind, Body) which, or more Accurately Witch/Warlock, is ALL of Us so I Suggest Change Your Perspective and Watch as Amazing Things HAPPEN!!! for You…

    ♡ “The Trick is NOT!!! to Mind that it HURTS!!!” ~ ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ and ‘Prometheus’ Movies


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇


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