Not to “toot” my own horn

But… I’ll gladly “toot” it😎

The universe is allowing me

To see

How amazingly powerful

My words truly are

Especially when I pull them

From the core of my heart

When I say & write

Exactly what it is

That I feel

Deep within

I am often reminded

“I said that”

“I wrote that”

“I thought that”


Too often

We fail to trust ourselves

Our capabilities

I am super grateful

For the reminders

From time to time

Case & Point

9 weeks ago

I commented on someone’s post

I said

“I have a dream to ________

One day”

When I tell you

That exact dream is manifesting

As I type

Beyond my wildest dreams

My passion

My determination

My soul tribe’s


Peace & protection ✨

Here’s to breaking

Generational curses

Here’s to instilling

Generational BLESSINGS 💖

One thought on “#MyWords


    Broadly Speaking MMHI (Multiple Mental Health Issues) ARE One or More of These ‘Psychiatrist DisOrders’:

    ♤ Split Personality and Raging
    ♤ Anxiety and Worry
    ♤ Depression and Grief

    …the Onset of MMHI Starts in Childhood with Well Meaning Parents, Teachers and Other Authority FUCKING US UP BIG TIME!!! ( “They fuck you up, but they don’t mean to.” http://www.selfishcapitalist.com ) as Their Inner Child Asserts ItSelf; often, thus, Leading to Homeless and/or Suicidal ‘Grown Ups’ and UnNecessary CONCERN!!! and Apprehension 😕😖😥😲😳😵😡😠 …



    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ◇ “I AM Gonna Hold My Breath until I Die; then You’ll Be SORRY!!!”
    ◇ “I Can KILL!!! You with A Stare.”
    ◇ “Why, just because You Said So; while The Faries Say Differently 🤔 ?”

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



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