Dropping Jewels (Products & Services)

Personal Advisement

We provide a compassionate and fair approach to your personal dilemmas- regardless of how big or small. This service includes problem solving, mentorship, tutoring, and much more. Cases that require additional resources will be charged an additional fee (agreed upon the buyer and seller).


Financial Advisement

We provide a tailored approach to your financial needs. This service can include budgeting, credit analysis and many other resources to improve your current financial situation.


Creative Services

We provide an "outside the box" approach to your endeavor of choice. This services includes, but are not limited to writing, visualizations, and many more.


Service Not Listed

Would you like assistance with something not listed on this page- Feel free to send us a detailed message with your special request. We will try to accommodate your request and agree on a fee.


Please complete the form below after successful payment:

Please email the attachments described above to: biggerthanmemovement888@gmail.com. Be sure to include your first and last name in the subject line.