Today was a bit stressful, but productive. I am indulging in a bit of self-care with a massage. The cool thing is it was unexpected 🤪. We often cater to everyone else and neglect ourselves in the process… not today 😎.



Another black butterfly flew against my office window✨


I try to get a walk in every now in then while at work. I have a new appreciation for nature. My appreciation was rewarded today. I came across a beautiful black butterfly. The black butterfly is symbolic for death. People are quickly fearful when they come across that meaning. However, I am grateful for its meaning- as it also represents rebirth and renewal.

I can appreciate a few deaths in my life. A death to who I was TOLD to be…A death to not feeling good enough…A death to feeling that my feelings are not valid… A death to being such a people pleaser. Many more deaths to come, but I think I am off to a GREAT start 😎. This only means the “new” me is emerging✨. Beautiful and amazing things to come.

I came across a car shortly after the butterfly sighting. The numbers “444” seemed to magically appear on the license plate as I walked in the parking lot. If you know me- you know I looked up the meaning of the “angel numbers”. Lo and behold… my angels are with me…. guiding me and protecting me every step I take💖.

I am on the right path and am FULLY supported 🦄. My spirits were immediately uplifted as I struggle to “stay up” from time to time. We often get so distracted by the “little” things… that we take the “BIG” things for granted. When it boils down to it… we just have to shift our perspective. I am so grateful for my guides assisting me throughout my journey of life 💖




Let’s rewind to the end of May for a bit. I recall sharing with you all about an opportunity that I applied for “on a whim”. Follow up conversations had taken place regarding that opportunity and I received the green light from the other end. There were so many questions on my end… such as… How will I make this happen… Will it all really work in my favor… along with other questions and thoughts. Nevertheless, I agreed to the terms despite not knowing how things will transpire. My ego gets the best of me sometimes… and I talk myself out of it while thinking of all of the obstacles in the way. However, I pray over this daily… I ask the “higher ups” to show me signs this opportunity will work in my favor.

Fast forward to early July. I purchased a Groupon for an energy healing. The concept of this type of healing is to look beyond the body and focus on it’s energetic fields. This is the level where we hold our trauma, fears, and other intangible concepts- our subconscious. These concepts and feelings are what lead to physical and mental dis-ease in the body. I decided to invest in this service as I am working on bringing the subconscious to the conscious.

The session took place at the healer’s home. She was very welcoming and we briefly chatted about ourselves for a few minutes. Then, she requested that I close my eyes and imagine a “safe haven” where I felt enormous peace and satisfaction. I complied and this carried on for about a minute or two. She then requested that I slowly open my eyes and scan the room. This was a practice to allow me to be present- in my body… with my surroundings. I slowly opened my eyes and scanned the room on my right. Then, i scanned the room to my left…

I was sooo shocked by what I witnessed sitting on the table in front of me (to my left). It was a picture of the individual who is the “head” over the opportunity I applied for.

I immediately broke down in tears of joy… tears of happiness… tears of my cries and prayers were answered. The “higher ups” gave me ALL the confirmation I could have EVER needed. Here I was at a healing session with a person I had NEVER met. What are the chances of me seeing a picture of the “head” of the organization… That’s nothing but my God, angels, and spirit guides.

The takeaway here is “have faith”. Pray, Pray, and PRAY… They listen… They hear your cries… If it’s meant to be… They WILL deliver… Your every need will be met… and they are organizing things behind the scenes… Things you could never imagine… and the beauty is… They do it ALL JUST FOR YOU!!!

I will keep you guys posted as the wheels move forward 🙂


I am super excited to announce I have been nominated for the Liebster Award.  The Liebster is an award to celebrate new bloggers who show great potential.  I was nominated by the awesome Beth at Pilgrimage Studio.  Please go check her out- especially if you are looking for an oasis away from the “hustle and bustle”J  Beth- thank you so much for the nomination and support of my vision!  It all encourages me to keep moving forward- despite all challenges 🙂

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11 Facts About Me

My name is Tia

I love to travel and explore various cultures

Music is my absolute therapy

My creative side began to peek out about a year ago

My degrees are in criminal justice and informational technology

My dream to make a difference in the world is currently in progress

I have an extremely analytical brain (LOL)

I am a “low-key” teacher (I share what I learn) J

I enjoy seeing people smile

I love to interact with children

I have a thirst for learning during this journey of life

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