It is amazing to watch thing unfold in what I thought was complete chaos. Technically- some of it was, but I couldn’t see it while I was right in it. Things had to happen, move, shift, and take place… in order for the new to come in.

It always seems like a complete disaster as the excruciating experiences take place. However, a hindsight perspective reminds me… EVERYTHING happens in DIVINE timing… for a specific reason… for my GREATEST good 💖




A beautiful green hummingbird greeted me right before I opened the door to go outside. It made my ENTIRE day. I was in awe by its beauty that I couldn’t capture the moment😞. It looked similar to this:


Things are changing… I don’t know how, but I FEEL them changing. The wonderful thing is the change is for my greatest good 💖 The hardest part is often the “in between” stage. The space when you have so many questions… the “What Ifs”… the “How’s”… However, my newest approach is to let things unfold naturally… Try to be patient… and last, but definitely not least… TRUST THE UNIVERSE




Today was a bit stressful, but productive. I am indulging in a bit of self-care with a massage. The cool thing is it was unexpected 🤪. We often cater to everyone else and neglect ourselves in the process… not today 😎.