So many thoughts and unanswered questions

I get distraught and

Dance with indigestion

Trying to re-connect with my core

But still feed the need 

To outsource

Instead of looking in


Scared to win

Be in my own skin

I am the source

No need to force

Shedding what’s no longer me

The goal is a younger T

High beliefs and esteem

All I need

Is to really just BE




Why do we strive for a better life

A “better” life based on the standards of…


The Media


Why are we afraid to explore who we REALLY are

Regardless of what that may look like to others

Is it because we were taught to “fit in”

Is it because we are often teased for being “different”

What even makes different “unacceptable”

Who defines “unacceptable”

Who defines “acceptable”

Why can’t we just be

What our soul calls us to be

To do

As long as our intentions are pure

As long as it feels good within

As long as we do not harm anyone in the process

Why can’t we just live a fulfilling life

The one we are all destined to live

One which is not dependent on the fears of what another may think

Or say

A life that makes our heart truly smile

Inside out

Outside in

A happy life with no end

Why does this seem so foreign

Why does it seem so far away

If we do find it

Will it even stay

How do we strive for a better life

A life that feels just right


What it looks like from the outside


I was speaking with a coworker today and it dawned on me I’ve lived in North Carolina for 5 years (next month). Five years kind of seems like a long time, but the time has passed so quickly. I remember the day I arrived at my apartment down here (from Maryland). I even cried due to fear of the unknown.

However, so much has changed since I took that leap of faith. I’ve changed over and over… and over again… I continue to change. Many ups within that time span. Also, many challenging opportunities expanding my perceptions/perspectives. I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. This- was in deed a tremendous mark on my journey. I am moving forward knowing:




Being still is one of the hardest things for me to do-figuratively and literally. It seems that I always have to have something “to do”… to engage in… to analyze… and ESPECIALLY to think.

How does one become present with a million and one thoughts?!? Even if I am physically quiet, my mind is screaming thoughts at an unusually rapid pace. I even find myself struggling when I have alone time. There are so many distractions such as music and YouTube. Even when I go outside in nature and admire it’s beauty. The thoughts continue to race… I ask for guidance to overcome this hurdle 🙏. This too shall pass…

Do you share similar experiences? What works for you?


As I have mentioned before- I am heavily interested in astrology and how it impacts our lives. I’ve been conducting my own research to better understand myself and how to consistently evolve. What I am about to show you… I CAN’T make this up 😂😂😂

I came across an article which details how to get on track with my life’s purpose based on the planetary placements in my birth natal chart. The last line blew my ENTIRE mind🤗🤗🤗.

This “Bigger Than Me Movement” started as an idea less than a year ago. A SIMPLE IDEA!!! In which I would have NEVER imagined it would be a part of my life’s purpose- in the “official” sense. The passion had always been there to “make a difference in people’s lives”; however I NEVER knew it was “officially” one of my major life’s goals before I even entered this physical realm. Let’s just say I’m on target and I’m just getting started 😎

Please share your thoughts😀