Cosmic Energies: Be Brave: Episode 5

Here’s a podcast my wife and I uploaded over the summer. Hope it inspires you 🙂


Just a quick post-

I’ve found myself saying “I don’t know” a lot lately. I’m at the point where I even give a slight smirk as I say it. I guess that means I am getting more and more comfortable with saying it- Lol. I struggle daily with “allow things to work out as it needs to” and “FIGURE IT OUT NOOWWWW”!!!! Lololol- NO LIES. Somehow, the thought of “I’m still here” keeps me going. Somehow… the thought of looking back at the “inner work” I’ve been doing lately… was NOT in vain. Sidenote- it’s funny that I am listening to a song right now with the lyrics- “I release control… And surrender to the flow… Of love… That will heal me” by Alexa Sunshine Rose. Funny how the universe works. I guess that means… Stop stressing and CONTINUE to allow the universe to work FOR me.

To be continued…



So many days

So many nights

Lost & Confused

A bruise

And a wound

Over again

My head & heart

Would spin

Death after death

My illusions

My thoughts

The confusion

Made me distraught

UN-learn who I was

Forget the “just because”

Learn who I am

I know I CAN

Find the light within

Through the darkness

The depression

The “fitting in”

This is where it begins

Many deaths

To be born again


Not to “toot” my own horn

But… I’ll gladly “toot” it😎

The universe is allowing me

To see

How amazingly powerful

My words truly are

Especially when I pull them

From the core of my heart

When I say & write

Exactly what it is

That I feel

Deep within

I am often reminded

“I said that”

“I wrote that”

“I thought that”


Too often

We fail to trust ourselves

Our capabilities

I am super grateful

For the reminders

From time to time

Case & Point

9 weeks ago

I commented on someone’s post

I said

“I have a dream to ________

One day”

When I tell you

That exact dream is manifesting

As I type

Beyond my wildest dreams

My passion

My determination

My soul tribe’s


Peace & protection ✨

Here’s to breaking

Generational curses

Here’s to instilling

Generational BLESSINGS 💖


The “in between” can be so tricky

It’s that space where

You are not where you were

But also not where you’re going

You look back

And see how far you’ve come

You see all that you’ve changed

All that you’ve released

All that you’ve gained

All that you’ve embraced

All that you’ve created

When you never imagined

You’d accomplish so much

So why the sense of “failure”

I guess it’s all a part of life

Maybe because I know

There’s so much more potential inside of me

Potential to be greater

To be smarter

To be kinder

To be happy

To be true to me

To be proud

To be purposeful

To be all that my heart and soul desires

My vision

Until then

The “in between” can be so tricky


I am taking another leap… A GIGANTIC leap… A leap into the “unknown”. If you know me- you know I like to have control. A plan of x, y, and z. Nope, not this time. This time- I am choosing a different route. To say this is scary- is quite frankly an understatement. I can’t help but ask myself- is this the path I am going to take? Am I really sure? What if things don’t pan out…

Then I remind myself… I can’t afford to stay the same…I can no longer choose comfort over growth… My heart and soul is longing for more. That longing of “quality” over “quantity”. The “quantity” has served it’s purpose. One day- I may even go back to it. But RIGHT NOW- I NEED to do this… I DESERVE to do this… I worked so HARD for this… Day in and day out… Lesson after lesson… Destruction after destruction… There were many days I knew I wouldn’t make it… just one more day… However, there is a GREATER calling on my life. My destiny is BEYOND my wildest dreams. It’s funny because I can see it all so VIVIDLY in the distant, but near future. I’ve literally dreamt this in so many shapes and forms… Yet, I still don’t know how everything is going to work itself out…

There’s something about that powerful feeling within… it tells me EVERYTHING will be fine… We are working on your behalf… You have EARNED this!!! Not only are you doing this for yourself, but more importantly- you are doing it for others… to make this world a better place… you are also doing it for US… WE GOT YOU… Don’t worry about a single thing!!! And THAT… is EXACTLY what keeps me going… it keeps me smiling… despite not knowing the “how”, “where”, and “when”.

I smile as I type this… I’ve grown in sooo many ways. The old me would be freaking out right now- because I really just don’t even know… LOLOLOL. I’m coming to realize– THAT’S OKAY 🙂