I came across an older gentleman in my morning dealings. I greeted him and said, “how are you”. His response stopped me in tracks- literally and figuratively. He responded- “better than I deserve to be”. It changed my perspective to be grateful for all that I have… We often times forget to show gratitude for all of our blessings and still expect to be rewarded for more. I am grateful for my morning magical encounter ✨



Being still is one of the hardest things for me to do-figuratively and literally. It seems that I always have to have something “to do”… to engage in… to analyze… and ESPECIALLY to think.

How does one become present with a million and one thoughts?!? Even if I am physically quiet, my mind is screaming thoughts at an unusually rapid pace. I even find myself struggling when I have alone time. There are so many distractions such as music and YouTube. Even when I go outside in nature and admire it’s beauty. The thoughts continue to race… I ask for guidance to overcome this hurdle 🙏. This too shall pass…

Do you share similar experiences? What works for you?


I’ve been on a mini hiatus for some time for a combination of things. Some of the days- I felt a bit blue. Other days- my “creative juices” weren’t flowing much. A few days- I honestly just wasn’t inspired to write about much. As the old saying goes… if you don’t have anything nice to say- don’t say anything at all.

I am also more mindful that I’m an impactful individual. Therefore, I try to refrain from acting from a place of “uncertainty”… at least in this instance. Nevertheless, I am here and all is well 😀. I take the good with the “bad” and vice versa. All of the experiences are well needed (and greatly appreciated) for my evolution 💖


As I have mentioned before- I am heavily interested in astrology and how it impacts our lives. I’ve been conducting my own research to better understand myself and how to consistently evolve. What I am about to show you… I CAN’T make this up 😂😂😂

I came across an article which details how to get on track with my life’s purpose based on the planetary placements in my birth natal chart. The last line blew my ENTIRE mind🤗🤗🤗.

This “Bigger Than Me Movement” started as an idea less than a year ago. A SIMPLE IDEA!!! In which I would have NEVER imagined it would be a part of my life’s purpose- in the “official” sense. The passion had always been there to “make a difference in people’s lives”; however I NEVER knew it was “officially” one of my major life’s goals before I even entered this physical realm. Let’s just say I’m on target and I’m just getting started 😎

Please share your thoughts😀