Brought me out of my comfort zone in 2014

I accepted a job offer in another state

I had to start new

I left everything behind in Baltimore

Literally and


The move changed

My ENTIRE life

I was able to purchase a home with my partner

I was able to marry the mate to my soul

I was able to finally feel that unconditional love

From self & family

I was able to break generational curses

With more to come

In addition to learn & instill generational gifts

It wasn’t easy

I wanted to give up on many occasions

More than I’d like to admit

But I will say it was worth it

The heart breaks & aches

The lessons along the way

The only thing that kept me going




I was her

I was free

I was happy

I was assertive

I was dreamy

I believed in the unimaginable

I thought everyone was kind

I was unaware of the cruel world

I felt safe around a man

I laughed

I played

All but a distant memory now

As I was faced with reality

There’s one goal here



Today marks the two-year anniversary of my mother’s death

A year ago I was really sad

I had a lot of unanswered questions

I was filled with mixed emotions

Many nights of crying

Feeling lost and confused

I even felt angry at times

We always had a strained relationship

This was the result of

Neither one of us knowing how to love

A generational curse

We all see too often

We do the best with what we have

What we know at the time

I am not sad today

I am overjoyed

I owe the woman I am today

To my mother

That “tough love” taught me

How to be self-sufficient

How strive high in life

To never give up

She taught me how to forgive

Myself and others

She allows me to feel

The motherly bond that I always yearned for

She allows me to feel the presence

Of a guardian angel

So I will not mourn her passing today

I will celebrate

Her life and legacy

I will continue to make her proud



Never in a million years

Would I have thought

I would start a blog

I am a very private person

I HATE for people to be “in my business”- lol

This blog allows me

To get to know myself

To forgive myself

To forgive others

To love

To learn

And so much more than meets the eye

So the answer to the question

Why a blog

Why not



Releasing this is terrifying

I grew up in a culture where

You can’t let people know your struggles

You have to be “better than them”

So of course

I am afraid to pull back the mask

The façade

And allow the ENTIRE world to see

My vulnerabilities

My weaknesses

My pain

But if one is able to learn

From my experiences


So be it



It may seem like a scary word

The word might make us feel

We are bad people

Or we may be judged

If we create boundaries

But let me tell you

Boundaries are a liberating thing

It is not mean to set boundaries

Establishing healthy boundaries is for you

To protect your heart

To protect your soul

To protect your spirit

To protect your time

Do not EVER allow someone to

Make you feel bad for protecting YOU

Be mindful of who and what

You invest in

It’s easier said than done

I still struggle with it myself

But I am learning

To develop consistency

So I am able to honor ME

Sometimes it may hurt one’s feelings

But they have to respect it

If they truly love you



Do you struggle with being negatively influenced by others? What was the most difficult boundary you had to set?

I need you

Yes you

Reading this right now

What do enjoy doing?

What areas are you skilled in?

One of my goals is to network

Like-minded individuals

Too often we sit in our box

Instead of reaching out

In fear of rejection

Comment what you enjoy

Comment your skills

Comment your interests

Feel free to send an email too

Let’s network and enjoy life



I have crazy control issues

In a very unhealthy way

My control isn’t necessarily physical

It is psychological

Let me give you an example

I can plan a whole day of activities

If “life” happens and plans change

I often feel some type of way

I feel a sense of anxiety

“Oh no”

“Now we can’t do that next”

Another example

I dominate my thought processes on others

Sometimes I can block another’s

Point of view

I do not intentionally do this

I am learning

The value of different perspectives

The value of letting others

Make decisions that are best for them

But I have to admit

It is a constant struggle

Because I have been programmed

To my unhealthy ways

I am unlearning



How can I balance control? What works for you?