I need you

Yes you

Reading this right now

What do enjoy doing?

What areas are you skilled in?

One of my goals is to network

Like-minded individuals

Too often we sit in our box

Instead of reaching out

In fear of rejection

Comment what you enjoy

Comment your skills

Comment your interests

Feel free to send an email too


Let’s network and enjoy life




I have crazy control issues

In a very unhealthy way

My control isn’t necessarily physical

It is psychological

Let me give you an example

I can plan a whole day of activities

If “life” happens and plans change

I often feel some type of way

I feel a sense of anxiety

“Oh no”

“Now we can’t do that next”

Another example

I dominate my thought processes on others

Sometimes I can block another’s

Point of view

I do not intentionally do this

I am learning

The value of different perspectives

The value of letting others

Make decisions that are best for them

But I have to admit

It is a constant struggle

Because I have been programmed

To my unhealthy ways

I am unlearning



How can I balance control? What works for you?

I am lost and confused

I have an idea of what I want in life

But I’d be lying if I said

I have it all “figured out”

I have faith that it will all work out

But the thought of the “unknown”

Is beyond terrifying

I just try to take it day by day

As I still overthink each day

One day I will look back at this

And wonder why I stressed so much

But until then…



Are you lost and confused? Have you conquered those emotions? Do you have any tips on how you overcame it?

It’s okay if you just can’t “seem to get it right”

It’s okay if you are confused

It’s okay if you need help

It’s okay if you feel alone

It’s okay if you want to give up

It’s okay if you’ve sacrificed yourself

It’s okay if you’ve sacrificed others

It’s okay to have the desire to sincerely change

It’s okay to “fail” throughout the process

It’s okay to keep trying

It’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone

It’s okay to step out on faith

It’s okay to TRUST: What’s for YOU is for YOU

It’s okay to pursue your dreams at any age

It’s okay to satisfy your heart’s desires

It’s okay to live a purposeful life

Regardless of where you are in life right now




Accountable to being human

Accountable to own our past

Accountable to put in the work to heal

Accountable to love ourselves

Accountable to value ourselves

Accountable to love others

Accountable to be present

Accountable to constantly evolve



I have this crazy thought

I will make the world a better place

Somewhat like a superhero

Just not that corny-Lol

But in a cool way

My passion is to make an impact in this world

Not just 1, 2, or 3 people

Although every ONE counts

But the entire world

Watch Me



I’ve always had an issue with infidelity

I was repeatedly less than loyal to my partner

It started with simple flirting

Things progressed

Emotional attachments were formed

-side note-

My wife would always say an emotional attachment

Is the worst type of affair to have

Never understood it

Until I felt the pain

That I had caused her over the years

The lies

The betrayals

The rumors

One day I woke up and realized

 I had hurt the other piece to my heart

It’s like I felt a knife

Repeatedly piercing my heart

Over and over again

Like I did with the disrespect and games

I’ve put in a lot of work

To show remorse for my actions

A lot of arguments

Where I felt like I was being treated like a kid

But in reality

I had to regain and rebuild


We BOTH put in the blood, sweat, and tears

To build a solid foundation

With the inability to crumble

We are destined for infinite love

I honor and cherish her

As she does too

I am ever so grateful

That she didn’t count me out

Thank you for believing in me

Thank you for knowing me better

Than I know myself



The truth is

I created many toxic experiences in my life

I was so quick to blame the other party

I never held myself accountable

For my actions

My role

But how would I even know

I didn’t know what love was


I didn’t even love myself

So how could I get mad at the other party

For not considering me

Or my feelings

If I didn’t consider myself

Their obligation was to themselves

Mine was to ME

I FAILED those missions

But it is okay because I learned a valuable lesson

I come first

I love and am loved

I do matter

I make a difference

I AM worth it

I now establish healthy boundaries

I choose what I invest my energy in

I speak my truth

I always give love and support

I survived toxicity



I always needed something around to stroke my ego

I needed something to overcompensate for the love

That I did not give to myself

In reality

These “somethings”

Were just lessons

To show me

I had all the answers inside of me

If I would just sit with myself

And get to know myself

I fell in love with myself

The good

The bad and

The ugly

Now I value myself

I am able to speak my truth

I can properly love myself and others

I can establish healthy boundaries

To love, protect, and honor myself

For ONCE in my life

I feel so liberated

I always needed someone else’s opinion

Because mine never mattered


Up until now

My opinion is the ONLY one that matters

Of course- with my wife’s 🙂



How do you feed your ego?

Any tips on how to starve your ego?